Joint Research & Development

Research & Development Measures.

Our company is always working on research and development toward further cleaning the coolant and reducing the frequency of tank cleanings.

The primary means of doing this are:

-- Joint development of products with customers.
-- Doing basic research & development with academia.
-- Doing basic technology development jointly with our group technology research center.

We began collaborating with Okayama University in an industry-academic partnership on basic research to remove the primary causes of work piece surface accuracy deterioration that were determined from amongst our customers, and which is always subject to improvement.

More specifically, the causal relationship of the sludge and fines in the coolant and the scratches created on the surface of the processed work was studied.


Born: 1952
Okayama University Engineering School Machine Engineering Dept.
Production Engineering Chair, Machine Processing Field Professor
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Support Program for Distinctive University Education Promotion Representative
The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology Director
The Japan Association of Development Education Director
The Japan Society of Precision Engineering Trustee
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Governing Member

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